Selling your home can often be more stressful than it was to purchase, but that does not mean it has to be complicated, or overwhelming. There are several steps you can take to aid in the process.  Following the steps below can help to help to eliminate many of the "unexpected" stressors of selling your home. 

Understand Your Goal

       Why do you want to sell? Are looking to find a larger property, to downsize, or do you plan to move to another school district, city or coast? Understanding why you are looking to sell can help you focus on your lifestyle, and for me to focus on your real estate goals. 

When to List?

      While not everyone is afforded the luxury of deciding when to list their property, it should be considered, if you are able. Listing your property for sale at the right time can increase your return on your investment and help sell you property more quickly. I will work with you to determine the ideal to list your home based on market trends. 

What's it Worth?

      Understanding your properties value is critical. When determining the list price it is important to keep your emotion on check and focus on the facts. Set your price to high and risk the property sitting for extended periods, too low and you risk leaving money on the table. I will provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), that well help determine the perfect list price. 

Prepare Your Home

      When preparing your property for the market, simplicity is efficiency. Make sure to declutter, keep your decor simplistic, and make any needed repairs. If you plan to move out of the home prior to listing it, you should strongly consider staging the home. 

Sell Your Property

     Once you have listed your property it is only a matter of time before it starts to get interest, and an offer. Once an offer is received there are many factors to consider before making a decision, several steps before closing, once an offer is accepted. Normally this can seem fast paced and stressful, but if you have made the proper preparation, and keep your original goals in mind, it will be a very rewarding time. 

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